Title Name Position
President Emily Marshall Assistant Director of Educational Technology
President-Elect Lindsey McCaleb Educational Technology Coordinator
Past-President Nancy Pratt, EdD Director of Instruction and Innovation
Secretary Laura Boone Director of Technology
Treasurer Elaine Murphy Student Achievement Teacher/Site Technology Coordinator

Elected Board Members

Title Name Position
Board Member Erica Ellis Information Support Specialist
Board Member Errika Celsy Director of Educational Technology
Board Member Jennifer Porter Site Technology Coordinator
Board Member Phillip Seng Assistant Director of Technology
Board Member Donna Jagielski, EdD Director of STEAM/Makerspace Programs
Board Member Lauren Owens Technology Content/Integration Specialist
Board Member Cori Araza Director, K12 STEM Outreach & Program Development

Appointed Positions

Title Name Position
Affiliate Liaison Judith Romero Retired Educator
Awards Coordinator Debra White Retired Educator/Consultant
AzTEA Governance Chris Johnson, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
Partner Liaison  Open
Partner Liaison Ruben Montoya Director of Technology
Parliamentarian and Statutory Agent Judith Romero AzTEA Executive Director/Retired Administrator
CIO/CTO Special Interest  Diana Hawari Chief Technology Officer
STEM Liaison Donna Jagielski, EdD Director, K12 STEM Outreach & Program Development
AzTEA Ambassador Program Suzanne Sallee Retired Educator

Chapter Chairs

Title Name Position
Eastside Region Erica Ellis Information Support Specialist
Westside Region Open Open
Northern Region Open Open
Southern Region Open Open

Non-Profit Partner Liaisons

Title Name Position
Non-Profit Danielle Brown Professional Learning Director, AZ K12 Center
Non-Profit Jamie Nunez Commons Sense Media

Professional Staff

Title Name Position
 Executive Director Nan Williams, EdD Retired Administrator
Business Manager Bethany Purcell Small Business Owner