Administrator Award

The recipient is an administrator at the school or district level who:

  • skillfully recognizes and utilizes technologies that make the institution more efficient and effective;
  • uses technology to engage the community and families of the district and encourage further support of innovation in the classroom;
  • encourages teachers to expand their professional skills and knowledge by creating opportunities for collaboration, independent learning, and training specific to 21st Century Skills, content and technology usage;
  • demonstrates personal commitment to and confidence in the use of technology to deepen student learning; and
  • coaches, mentors and celebrates staff who take risks in the pursuit of good teaching and learning.

Previous Recipients

2000- Mike Reed - San Simon Unified School District 
2001 - Dr. Ron Richards - Pendergast School District  
2002 - Dr. Joyce Geranis - Tucson Unified School District  
2003 - Kathi Frankel - Creighton School District  
2004 - Owen Layton - Glendale Union High School District  
2005 - Sabrina Cruz - Tucson Unified School District  
2006 - Laurie Jeffers  - Flagstaff Unified School District  
2007 - Dr. James Rice - Alhambra Elementary District 
2008 - Frank R. Garcia - Flagstaff Unified School District  
2011 - Cherryl Paul  - Deer Valley USD
2012 - Rocky Sugameli, Casa Grande Union High School District
2013 - Sister Joan Fitzgerald, Xavier College Preparatory
2014 - Dr. Karen Williams, Alhambra School District
2015 - Dr. Gail Pletnick, Dysart Unified School District
2016 - Sonia Bustamonte, Cartwright School District