Title Name Position
President Suzanne Sallee Instructional Technology Specialist/Coach
President-Elect Stacey Pasquel Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Coach
Past-President Nick Trakas Director of Technology and Curricular Innovation
Secretary Nancy Pratt Director of Instructional Technology
Treasurer Mark Breen Director of Technology

Elected Board Members

Board Member Erica Ellis Teacher Technology Leader
Board Member Deena Jorgenson Math Interventionist
Board Member Cheri LaRochelle Principal
Board Member Bethany Ligon Technology Integration Specialist
Board Member Donna Jagielski, Ed. D Technology Integration Specialist
Board Member Debra White Retired Educator
Board Member Peter Hooper Director of Technology

Appointed Positions

Affiliate Liaison Judith Romero Retired Educator
Awards Coordinator Nick Trakas Technology Integration Specialist
Advocacy and Public Policy Chair Chris Johnson, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Educational Technology
Partner Liaison Jeff Newman & Ruben Montoya Technology Integration Specialist

Director of Technology

CTO Special Interest Jack Wallbrecht & Jon Castelhano Director of Technology & Executive Director of Technology
STEM Collaborative Karl Ochsner Director of Technology
Parliamentarian and Statutory Agent Nan Williams AZTEA Exe. Director/Retired Administrator

Chapter Chairs

Eastside Region Erica Ellis Teacher Technology Leader
Westside Region Len Horn Technology Integration Specialist
Northern Region Sheryl Wells Technology Integration Coach
Southern Region Peter Hooper Director of Technology

Partner Liaisons

Non-Profit Mary Field & Donnie Dicus Professional Learning Directors
Non-Profit Kim Flack  Arizona PBS- ASSET

Professional Staff

Co-Interim Executive Directors Judith Romero &  Nan Williams Retired Administrators
Business Manager Bethany Purcell Small Business Owner