Non-Profit Partners

Non-Profit Partners


Arizona K-12 Center

The mission of the Arizona K12 Center is to improve teaching and learning in Arizona's schools through high quality professional development and teacher leadership.

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As the educational arm of Eight Public Television, ASSET (Arizona School Services through Educational Technology) is a trusted PreK-16 resource that uses the most innovative educational technologies to enrich the lives of students, educators, and parents through quality outreach programs and services that educate, inform, and inspire.

Arizona Department of Education

AzTEA continues with the 10+ year relationship with the Arizona Department of Education.

Memorandum of Understanding for Non-Profit Partnerships 

Non-profit organizations can partner with AzTEA with in-kind services that match the mission and vision of AzTEA, with AzTEA Board approval.  Here is the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for Non-Profit Partners.  The non-profit partnership MOU is good for one year from the date on the signed document.  Return the signed MOU and logo to display to