Corporate Partners

Current Oppotunity -October 29, 2016 - Prescott, AZ

This has been an extremely successful year for AZTEA.  We increased our membership by nearly 60% and have also increased our conference attendance approximately 40%. We rebranded the organization with a new logo and new website,, and elected five new board members.  AZTEA is growing and changing and I hope you will join us for our Fall Conference.

Theme:    Reset, Refresh, and Revitalize  with the 2016 ISTE Standards 

Date:       Saturday, October 29th in Prescott, AZ

Time:       7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Prescott Conference Center in Prescott, AZ.  There is an AZTEA Room Block.  Call 888-657-7855. Booking Code: G4189. Deadline is October 7th.​

Conference Details - Downloaded Flyer

Keynote Speaker

There will be approx 25 presentations with slots  for sponsor presentations. ALL Presenter slots are sold!  All presentations will align with the new ISTE 2016 Student Standards.  Each participant will leave with a poster of the new 2-016 ISTE Student Standards.

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Jason Ohler is our keynote presenter.  He is now a resident of Prescott Valley and is getting involved with AZTEA.  Here is Jason's website.  His keynote presentation will be "5 Trends that Bend." You can learn more about Jason here.

The Exhibitor area is outside the keynote presentation area and the location of food service.



Speed Dating

A tradition at all AZTEA conferences is the Corporate Speed Datingopportunity.  Here are the details:

The first session (50 min) is dedicated to sponsors*.  All attendees divide into groups and travel from table to table.  You have the opportunity to give a 5 - 6 min. pitch on anything you would like, such as:

  • an overview of your company,
  • how your product/service supports the implementation of Arizona Standards and the new AzMERIT assessment, new ISTE 2016 Student Standards
  • a new product or program launch,
  • or you may want to ask a series of focus group questions about a product or about trends and the use the time as a focus group.  You have a captive audience, so take advantage of it. Leave 1 minute for Q & A.

If you need technology, there will be limited electricity.   Make sure your laptop is fully charged.  There will be wireless Internet access.  It is recommended that you have something to give them, e.g., brochure, product info, business card.   Give them enough information to make them want to come back to your table for further discussion.


There will also be a feedback session on the new ISTE Standards for Teachers at the end of the day.

Attached is our Sponsorship Opportunity document.  Options are flexible.  Contact me to discuss options, or 602-899-5813.


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AzTEA Corporate Sponsorship Program

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology in Education Association a 501(c)3 invites corporate sponsors to help promote the goals of our organization. For more information about becoming an AzTEA Partner see the information below or email

The following is a list of our current partnership program opportunities

Terabyte  |  Gigabyte |   Megabyte  |  Kilobyte 

The AzTEA Corporate Partnership program is an excellent opportunity to reach our membership, a large group of technology savvy teachers and administrators. Your participation provides a critical link between the educational and business communities to help provide quality educational programs for students in Arizona.

The Corporate Partnership model has four corporate tiers and one special tier for non-profit or academic organization.  Application Form- complete the online form

Corporate:  (All amounts are for one year – date to date)

         Tier 1 - Kilobyte $500

  1. Space in vendor area at one conference or event (conference or chapter event) Or sponsorship of one webinar (Logo present in opening presentation and a maximum of 5 minutes to speak)

  2. Annual Vendor luncheon

  3. Ad as Tier 1 sponsor on AzTEA website

          Tier 2 – Megabyte   $1,000

  1. Space in vendor area at one conference or event (conference or chapter event) Orsponsorship of two webinars (Logo present in opening presentation and a maximum of 5 minutes to speak)

  2. Annual Vendor luncheon

  3. Ad on website with Tier 2 Group

  4. Plus two EXTRAS below

Tier 3 – Gigabyte  $2,500

  1.  Space in vendor area at two conferences or events (conference or chapter event)Or sponsorship of two webinars (Logo present in presentation and maximum 5 minutes to speak)

  2. Annual Vendor luncheon

  3. Ad on website with Tier 3 Group

  4. Plus three EXTRAS below

Tier 4 - Terabyte $5,000

  1. Space in vendor area at all conference or events (conference or chapter event) Orsponsorship of entire webinar series.  (Logo present in opening presentation and a maximum of 5 minutes to speak)

  2. Annual Vendor luncheon

  3. Ad on website with Tier 4 Group

  4. Spotlight presentation slot at each conference (must have a school based user present alongside vendor rep)

  5. Access to focus groups of AzTEA members.  (Not sales pitches but true focus groups)

  6. Plus all  EXTRAS below

  7. One non-voting participant on the AzTEA Board from your company


  • Insert give-away item in conference folder

  • Chair/table drop materials

  • Additional ad online

  • Product Demo (in vendor area) time slot in conference


The following are additional partnership opportunities that can be a stand alone item or in conjunction with one of the 4-tiers above.

  • Sponsorship of the AzTEA Innovation Award program (Logo on plaques, recognized at award ceremony and opportunity to speak)  $2,500

  • Name on Conference Folders - $500 - $1,000

  • Name on Conference Lanyards - $500

  • Conference Breakfast Sponsor - $1,000, includes  appropriate attribution signage and opportunity to welcome the conference participants

  • Conference Lunch Sponsor - $2,000, with appropriate attribution signage and opportunity to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes

  • Conference speaker Sponsor - $5,000, included appropriate attribution signage and opportunity to introduce speaker

  • Annual Gala Sponsor - $2,000

  • Annual ISTE Reception - $500 - 2,000 - This is for all Arizonans attending the annual ISTE conference and includes the opportunities to distribute materials and  time to speak to the group.

  • Sponsorship of one AzTEA webinar - $300 Includes the opportunity for a logo and a maximum of 5 minutes to speak.

  • Purchase of registration/sponsorships for ½ day AzTEA workshops or webinar series - $1,500

Terabyte - Tier 3


 Kilobyte - Tier 1