Dierdre Shetler

Dierdre Shetler

Middle School Technology Teacher

Dierdre Shetler is a middle school technology teacher in a low-income district in Phoenix, AZ. She has taught grades 6-8 in the regular classroom, as well as teaching technology and STEM classes. She is passionate about teaching teachers how to use technology. In her spare time, she coordinates Edcamp Phoenix, because what teachers have to say matters!  Dierdre has been an AzTEA member since 2015.


Tech Tool: Thinglink (www.thinglink.com/edu)-


Thinglink is a great tool for collecting information in one place in a more visual way than a document with links on it. It lets you import an image and then tag it with related information. This might take the form of a diagram image of the water cycle, which you then tag with any kind of digital media, including websites, images, text, audio, etc. So using the example below, the water cycle diagram is tagged with a song from Youtube summarizing the water cycle, a website from National Geographic explaining what a water table is, an image of a melting glacier, and a text question or two to stimulate thinking.


Some other uses for Thinglink would be

  • giving students an unlabeled image to use as their background and requiring them to do the tagging with relevant definitions, videos, websites, etc.
  • allow students to summarize their knowledge of a topic using Thinglink instead of writing a report
  • teacher using a background image of a map from WW2 and then tagging the locations of different battles with images, audio recordings, first-person descriptions, etc. (or splitting them up between students to tag)
  • at the beginning of the year, taking photos of students and have them tag their own images with things like their hometown, favorite vacation spot, favorite food, favorite book, favorite video game, etc.
  • creating a student portfolio by uploading a representative image and tagging it with digital copies of student work, videos of performances, or even photos of hard copy work they’ve done (like drawings, etc.)

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