Adobe Spark Contest Winner Announced!

Sparking Creativity Contest Winner

AzTEA is pleased to announce the winner of the Sparking Creativity Contest for Spring 2017.  Submissions were limited so only one prize was awarded.

We would like to congratulate Rebecca Zimmerman (classroom teacher), Rosie Roman(teacher assistant), Alma Preciado (1:3 assistant for students). and the students of Ms. Zimmerman's class at Sevilla West in the Alhambra School District on their use of Adobe Spark in their writing.

Sevilla West is a 4-8 grade school located in the Alhambra School District and is home to 1,200 students. Their demographics are 80% Hispanic and 90% free/discounted lunch.

The class that was involved in this project was a Sensory Communication Classroom for students with Autism. This class has students whom typically would be at a different school but are bused to this classroom for their Autistic needs. The students range between 4-8th grade with a wide span of academic, language, and sensory needs.

The project was based on ISTE Standard One: Creative Communicator -  Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.

In the project, each student took their writing piece and made their own individual video using Adobe Spark Video. Parents and some district staff and school staff were invited to come into the classroom to view the videos. For an introduction to Parents day, the class created a video to show the parents what steps were taken. All the students were involved making the class video and then they were each responsible for their own videos.

Their Spark Video submission can be seen here. For their work, Ms. Zimmerman will receive a one year's subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, courtesy of Adobe. 

This is the first time AZTEA has offered this contest. However, we will be offering it again n the Fall of 2017 so make sure you check out the contest webpage for details.