AZTEA Committees

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Professional Development Committee

Committee Chairperson: Stacey Pasquel

Committee Members: Stacey Pasquel, Cathy Poplin, Laura Sheehy, Deena Jorgensen, Suzanne Sallee, Debra White, Kim Thomas

PD Committee Mission:  The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to develop, coordinate and facilitate professional learning that is aligned with national educational technology standards as published by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  Provided resources and opportunities will actively engage AzTEA members (and all Arizona educators) in continuous professional growth designed to support the integration of technology into teaching and learning practices in order to add value to student learning in all educational arenas.

PD Committee Vision:  AzTEA’s Professional Development Committee is committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning by providing quality PD opportunities to our members, as well as all Arizona educators.  

2015-2016 PD Committee Goals:

  1. Commit to 3 PD Conferences:  Digital Learning Showcase in Fall (Prescott), STEM Conference in Winter (Phoenix), and Spring Conference in Spring (Phoenix).

  2. Increase PD opportunities for our members.  PD is one of the most important products we offer to our “customers” and we would like to increase both face-to-face and online opportunities for members.

  3. Take advantage of in-house expertise for PD.   We would like to draw upon the expertise of AzTEA’s award winners and grant recipients in order to provide them with the platform to “pay it forward” and serve as leaders in the ed tech community.  We also want to leverage the expertise of all of our members to provide various PD throughout the year.

  4. Increase promotional marketing for PD events.  We will work with Communications committee to establish a protocal for promotions/marketing of all PD events.

  5. Recruit new membership to our committee in order to increase capacity.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Nancy Pratt (

Committee Members:  Nancy Pratt, Len Horn, Bethany Ligon

Membership Committee Mission:  The mission of the AzTEA Membership Committee is to recruit Arizona educators passionate about learning, teaching and technology; and to foster a network of education professionals who value learning and student engagement.

Membership Committee Vision:  The Membership Committee is committed to fostering a network of highly connected professional educators who have a common mindset concerning teaching and learning today.

2016-2017 Membership Committee Goals:

  • Reach out to district leadership around the state in an effort to spread the word about AzTEA and recruit new members.

  • Build a network of educators around the state through our website and events.

  • Collaborate with other committees within the AzTEA to work as a cohesive organization.

  • Recruit new members to the Membership Committee to increase our outreach and influence across the state.


Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Mark Breen

Committee Members:  


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

Committee Chair: Chris Johnson

Committee Members:  


Board Development/Financial Committee

Committee Chair:  Cathy Poplin

Committee Members:  Cheri LaRochelle

Board Governance/By-laws

1.  Revise Bylaws

  1. Bring items for review/edit/revise/offer suggestions to Exec. Committee December 2016

  2. Bring draft to Board by Feb Board meeting 2017

  3. Approve and vote at April Meeting

2.  Create Policy Handbook and Region Handbook