R3 Sessions

You’re In Charge- Practical digital citizenship...making ethical, savvy decisions about digital lifestyles presented by Jason Ohler
Location - Clarkdale Room
This presentation models an exercise used with K-12 students in which they are put in charge of developing policies for using technology and the Internet. They develop rules, repercussions and big picture perspectives to navigate the complex issues of living a digital lifestyle. In the process they develop skills that transfer to emerging, mind boggling tech we can't even imagine yet. Adapts well to any group: education (at all levels), administrators, commerce, policy makers. Based on his book, Digital Community, Digital Citizen.

Daily Literacy Skills Through Multi-Media Play presented by Dr. Ali Conant
Location - Cottonwood Room
Think about the students in your class that are unmotivated readers and writers? How do you spark their enthusiasm and interest? This interactive workshop will give you the tools and ideas to teach multi-level literacy skills through a variety of media. Transform your classroom into a community of literacy lovers using multi-media as your hook.

Spark Creativity in Your Classroom with Adobe Spark presented by Suzanne Sallee
Location - Sedona Room
Adobe Spark is a suite of creativity tools designed to spark the imagination. Adobe Spark Post, Page, and Video supports students in the creation of dynamic and engaging presentations across content areas. These powerful web based tools help students create and share visual content, as they become storytellers, presenters, and designers. Get hands on with Adobe Spark in this make and take session and see how it can help you tell your stories.

Getting Going with YouTube presented by John Kain
Location - Verde A
YouTube is much more than cat videos. You and your students can use it to organize and manage video content, even if you don’t make your own videos. You will get the most out of this hands-on session if you have a Google account and your own YouTube channel. Learn how to create your channel at bit.ly/createyourchannel.

Empowering Students with Waggle Smart Practice offering Personalized Leaning Pathways presented by Diane Sanderson & Julie Blackmore from Waggle
Location - Verde B
This session will include a hands on in-depth overview of Waggle smart Practice. Waggle partners with Knewton recommendation engine, thus guiding Personalized Learning Pathways for each individual student, for Grades 2-8 in ELA and MATH. Teachers assign practice, students work on skills and standards, using the 11 tech enhanced item types, to gain proficiency through smart practice. Each students' needs are identified in real-time with actionable data giving educators the opportunity to mentor and inspire students, through differentiated instruction with content found in Waggle. Students are able to monitor their progress through the student dashboard. Attendees will be provided credentials to log in to Waggle Smart Practice as a student and teacher.

Hand On Hacks: Digital Activities for Learning presented by Debbie Kunes and Susan Janke
Location - Clarkdale Room
This workshop includes demonstrations of Edmodo, scrolling Star Wars style templates on ClassTools, on line interactive gaming on Kahoot and Quizlet.live, talking avatars on Voki, and the fabulous free teacher resources available from PBS LearningMedia.

Using a Technology Oriented Collaborative Network to Build Teacher Leadership presented by Valerie Downs and Holly Johnston
Location - Cottonwood Room
Are you looking for others who share your passion for technology, but are not sure what to do? Take the next step and develop a collaborative technology community on your campus or in your district. Participants will explore Dysart’s collaborative network, with a focus on teacher leadership, and leave with structures and strategies to form your own collaborative network.

SeeSaw - Simplified Digital Workflows presented by Suzanne Sallee
Location - Sedona Room
Experience how Seesaw (http://web.seesaw.me/) can empower students through the creation of digital portfolios. Seesaw helps students take ownership of their learning, provides an audience beyond the classroom, and develops home school connections. Experience Seesaw from a student’s point of view and begin creating your own Seesaw classes!

What's the Problem?? Using Technology to Drive Problem-Based Learning Projects presented by Chris Smudde
Location - Verde A
This presentation is directed toward Middle School and High School teachers in all subject areas. Its objectives are to assist teachers with using various strategies and technology tools that align with Problem- Based Learning. Participants will be involved in a hands-on curriculum development activity, open discussion about project ideas, and an introduction to different technology tools that merge the new ISTE Standards with Problem-Based Learning.

Minecraft - Get Ready to Play, Craft, & Learn in Education presented by Microsoft in Education Ambassador, Brittnie Hebnes 
Location - Verde B
Game-based learning with Minecraft has taken off in schools around the globe. This workshop provides educators with an opportunity to learn more about the creativity, collaboration, and engagement Minecraft can provide for your students. During this workshop, you will learn about Minecraft: Education Edition, its place in learning, and unique features suited for teaching & learning with immersive games.


Using Common Sense Media to Create Digital Citizens presented by Erica Ellis & Amy Chayefsky
Let us show you how easy it is to incorporate digital citizenship into your classroom, whether you have 15 minutes or 15 days. This poster session supports everyone from English teachers who need a quick unit on copyright to computer teachers who need to talk about privacy and data and even school-wide programs helping students to navigate the waters of the ever-changing digital world.

Students Become Documentary Directors with Beyond the Mirage presented by Mary Ann Stoll
BEYOND THE MIRAGE is an innovative web-based tool for learning about and responding to water issues in the American Southwest. BTM immerses students in a documentary-making experience where they explore hundreds of video clips, and connect them together to tell their own unique water story.

Using 3D Modeling & Printing to Support Middle School Curriculum presented by Nick Poveromo
This poster session will discuss a pilot program for 3D printing in the Kyrene School District and provide various examples of how 3D modeling and printing is helping students to learn in new ways. Models created by students in SketchUp and Tinkercad will be on display, as well as a demonstration of the 3D printer in action. Come by and see what 21st Century Skills can create!

From Concept to Product: 3D Solid Modeling Project Based Engineering presented by Craig Howdeshell
Students used 3D solid modeling technologies/CAD in a PBL environment to help solve problems and design and develop various industry customer driven ideas. Students coordinated efforts with industry partners, who were separated geographically in other cities and states, by communicating across the digital spectrum.

Technology Infusion in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers presented by Stacey Pasquel
The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University transformed teacher preparation by infusing technology into methods courses (as opposed to having students take a stand-alone ed tech course for one semester). By infusing technology integration curriculum into all methods courses, we now provide candidates with many experiences to practice, a variety of curricular contexts, and multiple instructors along the way to provide feedback. This innovative approach better prepares candidates to teach with technology in their own classrooms as they become certified teachers.

Simplify Grading with Interactive Rubrics presented by Christine Dickinson
Location - Clarkdale Room
Tired of spending hours grading term papers? Looking for meaningful feedback for your students on their quarter projects? Attend the Simplify Grading session in order to learn how to utilize features within Google Forms that will streamline your grading process.

Print Before You Print: 3D Paper Prototyping presented by Al Pajak
Location - Cottonwood Room
Paper prototyping produces fast and inexpensive 3D prototypes, an advantage over 3D resin. Paper models will be designed, printed, and shared during this workshop. Examples using 3D printer file (.stl) models are imported into Pepakura, a paper modeling program. Paper models are shared. Supplies to build the models is provided.

Radio Station WRRR, Rockin' Out to the New ISTE Student Standards presented by Kim Thomas, Joanne Henning & Jessie McKinley
Location - Sedona Room
Psst...this session is going to be fun, full of humor, useful web resources that all teachers will be able to utilize in their teaching! We will hit the “Reset” button on the web resources that will “Refresh” your way of thinking, helping to “Revitalize” the learning in your classroom and with your colleagues!

A Makerspace in Every School presented by Connie Ferguson and David Beard
Location - Verde A
Join the maker movement! Whether you have makerspaces in your district or thinking about developing one, you can benefit from Dysart Unified School District’s journey: A Makerspace in every Dysart school. Participants will receive makerspace resources and have interactive time with technology items utilized in Dysart schools.

Redefine learning with Microsoft Classroom in Office 365 presented by Nathan Wells from Eos Education
Location - Verde B
You may be aware of some of the great tools in Office 365, but do you know you can use the PowerPoint you know and OneNote Class Notebooks to help you incorporate blended learning in your classroom? Participants will use Office online to share and collaborate with students, and understand OneNote Class Notebooks.

#TeachlikeTED presented by Rachael Mann
Location - Clarkdale Room
You have the content, now how is your delivery? TED Talks have taken the standards for presentations to a new level. How can educators use the techniques used on the TED stage to create dynamic classroom lessons, professional learning opportunities, or school board presentations? This session will provide you with the tools to implement and transform your next presentation.

What Happens When Accountability Meets Technology? presented by Heather Zeigler, Heather Breedlove & Mary Knight
Location - Cottonwood Room
Hear how Flagstaff USD is working to accomplish the goal of authentically assessing technology standard proficiency for students and accountability for teaching with technology as an integral educational approach in every classroom. Consider the elements within your organization that are enabling or could enable similar initiatives. Processes and resources will be shared.

Let’s Get Hyper with HyperDocs! presented by Bethany Ligon
Location - Sedona Room
Are you looking for an alternative way to deliver instruction that allows students to be more engaged with their learning, at their own pace? Do you wish that you had a way to house all of the various resources your students will utilize throughout an unit or learning cycle and keep everyone organized? HyperDocs is an emerging instructional strategy that will hype up your lessons by leveraging technology so that students can take an active role in their learning.

Note Taking on Steroids: Using OneNote to Empower Student Learning presented by Allison Hall & Shelley Chandler
Location - Verde A
In this presentation we will explore how to empower student learning through the use of Microsoft OneNote for the collection, collaboration, and organization of information. We will share resources and best practices we have collected from our experience assisting teachers and students to integrate OneNote in blended learning environments at high schools (9-12) within Mesa Public Schools.

TI Updates, What’s new at Texas Instruments? presented by Greg Crisolo
Location - Verde B
In this session we will explore free Texas Instruments teacher resources, research, and program updates. We will look at resources for all types of TI technology including the iPad app. This is the perfect session for TI users and non TI users alike, as we will share all TI resources and updates.


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