R3 Presenters

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jason Ohler

Dr. Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus, speaker, writer, teacher, and student of the future. He is also a lifelong digital humanist who is well know for the passion, insight, and humor he brings to his presentations, projects, and publications. He has spent over three decades leading educators, students and community members in the effective, creative, and wise use of technology. He is well known for his work in the areas of art the 4th R, critical thinking, and digital imagination; digital citizenship and living informed, inspired digital lifestyles; and narrative, literacy and technology. For more information and to subscribe to his Big Ideas Newsletter, visit his website at www.jasonohlerideas.com.

Jason will be available to sign his latest book, 4Four Big Ideas for the Future: Understanding Our Innovative Selves, immediately after his keynote speech! (copies will be available to purchase)

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THE FUTURE IS JUST GETTING STARTED ...and it’s not slowing down. What to do? Relax, and enjoy this new read by Jason Ohler. Hop on board the “technology-roller-coaster-without-brakes” and tour the future in terms of living and learning, and balancing our two worlds we now live in: real life and the immersive reality on the other end of our smart devices. Clear, brilliant and packed with humor and insight, 4Four Big Ideas lays out sensible pathways for considering new perspectives about our digital lifestyles. It tells stories of the future that are rooted in the past, and imbued with the wisdom gleaned from the author’s 35 years of innovation.

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Session 1: You’re In Charge- Practical digital citizenship...making ethical, savvy decisions about digital lifestyles    Location - Clarkdale Room

Dr. Ali Conant 
   Alison Conant joined the Arizona K12 Center in June 2016. Ali holds an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on educating diverse populations through critical literacy and integrated technologies. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and an Arizona Master Teacher. In addition, she is a proud National Writing Project Fellow, holds a master’s degree in community mental health, and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. With over 19 years in the public school system in both Florida and Arizona, she brings a unique and real view of today’s struggles and triumphs as an educator.
Session 1: Daily Literacy Skills Through Multi-Media Play    Location: Cottonwood Room



Greg Crisolo
   Greg Crisolo is the Texas Instruments Education Technology Consultant for the state. He has ten years of experience in education advocacy and consulting, most recently with ACT and also under former California State Superintendent, Jack O’Connell. Greg has a passion for education and technology.
Session 4: TI Updates,  What’s new at Texas Instruments?    Location: Verde B   


Christine Dickinson
   Christine Dickinson, M.Ed. from Northern Arizona University. Eleven years of classroom experience teaching fourth through eight grades. I am a Level 2 Certified Google Educator and currently an EdTech Trainer with the Tempe Union High School District.
Session 3: Simplify Grading with Interactive Rubrics    Location: Cottonwood Room


Diane Sanderson
Julie Blackmore

   Digital Project Manger with Waggle, currently supporting over 100 schools in the Waggle platform.  Continued success in introducing new customers to Waggle via webinars, site training, and classroom visits.   Waggle is part of Haights Cross corporation, serving the K–12 supplemental education market, since 1997.  Our goal has always remained the same—to equip educators, students, and librarians with outstanding learning tools. Waggle is  a division of HCC. 
Session 3: Empowering Students with Waggle Smart Practice offering Personalized Leaning Pathways   
Location: Verde B


Valerie Downs
Holly Johnston

   Valerie Downs is a 21st Century Specialist in the Dysart School District.  She has been with the district for 9 years and is currently the project manager of the Innovation Ambassador Team.  She leads a team of fellow 21st Century Specialists who support and train the Innovation Ambassadors throughout the year. Prior to being a 21st Century Specialist, Valerie was also an Innovation Ambassador herself and taught K-3.
Session 2: Using a technology oriented collaborative network to build teacher leadership   
Location: Cottonwood Room    


Erica Ellis
Amy Chayefsky

   Amy Chayefsky and Erica Ellis are AzTEA Board Members as co-chairs of the Eastside Chapter, and support technology integration in the Tempe Union High School District. Amy is an avid mountain biker with a M.A. in Professional Development Using Digital Media. Erica has an M.Ed. in Educational Technology, enjoys Disneyland and at time of writing is Level 18 in Pokemon Go.
Poster Session: Using Common Sense Media to Create Digital Citizens


Connie Ferguson
David Beard

   Connie Ferguson has been a visual art and technology educator for 30  years with masters degrees in Art Education and Educational Leadership. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and received the 2012 Arizona Art Education Association Art Educator of the Year award. Ms. Ferguson is currently a 21st Century Specialist for the Dysart Unified School District and is the project manager for the district makerspaces.
   David Beard has ten years experience as a middle school teacher, nine years as a Technology Training Specialist and two as a 21st Century Specialist. His passion is innovative approaches to instruction and believe that students can do the learning with teachers as facilitators in that process.

Session 3: A makerspace in every school    Location: Verde A


Allison Hall
Shelley Chandler

   Allison Hall has been an educator for ten years and an educational technology trainer for Mesa Public Schools for five years. She specializes in assisting teachers, students, and administrators in acclimating to blended learning environments through personalized learning experiences.
   Shelley Chandler has been teaching technology for over twenty years since graduating from the University of Illinois. She is currently an educational technology trainer for Mesa Public Schools and has experience working as a classroom teacher, corporate trainer, and university instructor. 
Session 4: Note Taking on Steroids: Using OneNote to Empower Student Learning    Location: Verde A


Brittnie Hebnes
   Brittnie Hebnes, a technology training specialist located in Arizona, has over 20 years of experience in the education industry as an educator, administrator, and educational consultant. Her expertise includes: working with and delivering PD, training, coaching, and mentoring on various technology platforms; designing, deploying and evaluating sustainable short and long term PD plans for technology/ curriculum/instruction; and developing PD platforms for various educational curriculum companies.
Session 2: Minecraft - Get Ready to Play, Craft, & Learn in Education    Location: Verde B


Craig Howdeshell
   Craig Howdeshell is a Career and Technical Education teacher who currently teaches at Coconino High School and is certified in Industrial and Emerging Technologies and Business and Marketing. He holds a Master’s Degree Education: Educational Technologies from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Law and Public Safety Administration from Grand Canyon University, and an Associates of Applied Science in Aerospace Technologies from the Community College of the Air Force. He is an Air Force veteran and former Peace Officer for the State of Arizona. Craig is actively considering pursuing and Doctor of Education degree in Educational Technology. Craig Howdeshell resides in Flagstaff, AZ.
Poster Session: From Concept to Product: 3D Solid Modeling Project Based Engineering


John Kain   
   John Kain is the recently retired Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Phoenix (AZ) Elementary School District. He is a Google Certified Innovator and an Authorized Google Education Trainer. John’s YouTube channel at bit.ly/kainyoutube includes hundreds of videos to help you use technology for teaching and learning.
Session 1: Getting Going with YouTube    Location: Verde A


Debbie Kunes
Susan Janke

   Debbie Kunes earned her BA in Spanish with the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude.  She earned scholarships to study in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico and Salamanca, Spain.  She has also studied in Jaco, Costa Rica and Rome, Italy.  Mrs. Kunes has been a teacher since 1992 and has spent the last 16 years teaching Spanish at South Mountain High School.  Mrs. Kunes earned her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Arizona State University in Curriculum and Instruction. 
Session 2: Hands On Hacks: Digital Activities for Learning    Location: Clarkdale Room


Bethany Ligon
   After spending 18 years teaching junior high science, Bethany Ligon is now enjoying serving the K-12 teachers in Apache Junction as the district Technology Integration Facilitator. She is currently a Google Certified Educator, Level 1 and is currently working on Level 2 with hopes and dreams of one day achieving official Trainer and Innovator status.
Session 4: Let’s Get Hyper with HyperDocs!    Location: Sedona Room


Rachael Mann
   Rachael is a virtual TEDster who assists educators in applying the principles of TED Talks in the classroom for presentation delivery and shares tools for teaching presentation literacy. Rachael is the NT3 State Director at the Arizona K12 Center and plans STEM, Technology, and CTE professional learning opportunities for educators.
Session 4: #TeachlikeTED    Location: Clarkdale Room


Al Pajak
   As a professional development facilitator for the Arizona Science Center, Al focuses STEM integration and project based learning. In a previous career iteration, he was a vertebrate paleontologist with several museums and the National Park Service. In Nevada 2009, he was one of 120 teachers to implement 1:1 in the classroom. Today, he develops Integrated STEM curriculum around 3D printing.
Session 3: Print Before You Print: 3D Paper Prototyping    Location: Cottonwood Room
Ignite Session: Have you Herd? The Purple Cow is Loose in the Classroom


Stacey Pasquel
   Stacey Pasquel is a Technology Infusion Specialist for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU. Stacey has previously served as an English teacher, Librarian and Instructional Technology Specialist and is active in local and national educational technology organizations.
Poster Session: Technology Infusion in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers


Nick Poveromo
   After teaching technology classes at the middle school level for 15 years, I am now in my second year as an Educational Technology Specialist in my district. Taking on this new role has provided me with a great opportunity to work directly with teachers and support their instruction. I'm also in my second year as an Edmodo Ambassador and it continues to be a rewarding experience. I love sharing resources and helping teachers! I have come to learn that the best part of teaching technology is exploring how it can be used to engage and inspire students.
Poster Session: Using 3D Modeling & Printing to Support Middle School Curriculum


Suzanne Sallee
   Suzanne is the Technology Integration Specialist for the Creighton School District in Phoenix. Prior to that she was a technology integrating classroom teacher. Suzanne supports teachers in the successful integration of technology to support teaching and learning through professional development, coaching, and mentoring. She has presented at a variety of local, state, and national conferences.
Session 1: Spark Creativity in Your Classroom with Adobe Spark    Location: Sedona Room
Session 2: SeeSaw - Simplified Digital Workflows    Location: Sedona Room


Chris Smudde
   My name is Chris Smudde and I've been a Clinical Instructor at Arizona State University for the last 5 years.  Prior to that, I taught Honors and Advanced Placement English in Gilbert.  At Arizona State University, I specialize in teaching Secondary Education Methods courses including Technology Infusion, Secondary Curriculum, Adolescent Development, and Classroom Leadership. 
Session 2: What's the Problem?? Using Technology to Drive Problem-Based Learning Projects   
Location: Verde A


Mary Ann Stoll
   As Education and Technology Coordinator, Mary Ann has designed and developed STEM curriculum with Arizona Project WET for teachers and middle-school students for nearly a decade. Mary Ann earned her Master’s in Educational Technology from the University of Arizona and Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho. She has melded engineering, technology, and education throughout a varied career in Engineering and Education across 30 years.
Poster Session: Students Become Documentary Directors with Beyond the Mirage


Kim Thomas
Joanne Henning/Jessie McKinley

   Kim Thomas is the Integration Technology Specialist in the Madison School District.
   Jessie McKinley teaches Music  at Madison Camelview, grades K-4. 
   Joanne Henning shares her knowledge (and patience) with 4th graders in the Glendale Elementary School District. 
All three are self-professed tech geeks and wear the badge proudly.

Session 3: Radio Station WRRR, Rockin' Out to the New ISTE Student Standards    Location: Sedona Room


Nathan Wells
   As the lead trainer and Director of Training and Development for EOS Education, Nathan Wells works with teachers across the region to build engaging and technology enhanced classroom environments. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, Nathan uses classroom experience and knowledge to exchange best practices to promote innovation in teaching and learning.
Session 3: Redefine learning with Microsoft Classroom in Office 365    Location: Verde B


Heather Zeigler
Heather Breedlove and Mary Knight

   Heather Zeigler is the Digital Literacy Specialist for Flagstaff Unified School District.  She has presented at a number of state, national and international educational conferences and workshops.  On a daily basis, Heather works closely with teachers to enhance classroom practice and develop student digital literacy proficiency.
   Heather Breedlove is the technology integration coordinator for the Flagstaff Unified School District and is a former CenturyLink Grant winner for digital storytelling in the classroom.  She helps teachers and students to meet technology standards through professional learning and classroom applied technology planning.  Heather has presented at several AzTEA, ISTE, and Arizona CIO/CTO conferences in recent years.
   Mary Knight is the Director of Technology for Flagstaff Unified School District and speaks at educational events on mobile device implementation, peer coaching, digital literacy and strategies to transform classrooms into digital age learning environments.

Session 4: What Happens When Accountability Meets Technology?    Location: Cottonwood Room


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