AZ Government Contacts

The following information is intended to help you locate contacts in local, state, and federal government.

Getting Started

Are you the type who likes to research your own information. If so, here are the links to the:

Finding Your Representatives

Not sure who your representative might be? Begin with the Government Resources Locater below.

The Government Information Resource Locater uses advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to produce maps and the following information based upon a specific address:
  • County Name
  • School District
  • Legislative District
  • State Senator
  • Congressional District
  • Congressional Representative
The purpose of this application is to help Arizona residents easily and efficiently find the answers to the following questions:
  • What county do I live in?
  • What is my school district?
  • Who is my state senator?
  • Who is my state representative?
  • What is my congressional district?
  • Who is my congressman?
  • What is the party affiliation of my state representative?
  • What is the party affiliation of my congressman?
  • Which legislative district do I live in?

You will be asked to enter your address and zip code.

Websites of Elected Officials

Now that you know who you are looking for, here is a listing of legislator's and other government employee's web pages.

Legislative Bills

Interested in what bills are currently going through the Arizona House or Senate, try the Arizona State Legislature ALIS Tracking System.


Or perhaps you need to track legislation at the Federal level, go to

Tribal Governments

If you are in an area where you are working with Native American populations, you will be able to find each nation's website in the State Government's listing of Nations in Arizona