Core Beliefs

Vision: AzTEA, as an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), has adopted and supports ISTE’s vision of a world where all learners thrive, achieve and contribute.

Mission: AzTEA, as an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), has adopted and supports ISTE’s mission to empower learners to flourish in a connected world by cultivating a passionate professional learning community, linking educators and partners, leveraging knowledge and expertise, advocating for strategic policies, and continually improving learning and teaching. 

Core Beliefs

We believe that all learners, no matter their age, position, cultural, geographic, or socio-economic situation, must participate in a robust digital learning environment to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in their choice of college and career. Our community of learners consists of everyone involved in a child’s education from the students, educational professionals, parents and the community as a whole.

To accomplish AzTEA's mission, we further believe that: 

Digital Learning Ecosystem
providing meaningful, engaging, and intellectually-challenging learning requires access to a variety of devices, digital resources, and different instructional models all interacting in a single learning ecosystem. The learning ecosystem includes, but is not limited to, face-to-face, hybrid/blended, or online environments. The environment created must be appropriate to the learner’s age, intellectual development, and prior knowledge and be tailored to the learner’s specific needs.

Meta-discipline of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
citizens who have a basic knowledge of STEM are critical to Arizona’s competitive future. STEM “Meta-discipline” recognizes the importance of all subjects in preparing a literate citizen. We support the implementation of Phase Three of Arizona’s Common Core Standards where learners are able to apply all disciplines in their lives. We believe that preparing learners is not the work of a single entity and actively seek partnerships to facilitate these efforts across the state.

Professional Learning
all learners are entitled to digital-age professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to implement personalized learning that is meaningful, challenging, and engaging. AzTEA believes that initial preparation of teachers, and their on-going professional learning, is key to providing professionals with the skills and knowledge to prepare learners for their future. We further believe that educators must be co-learners with their students and colleagues around the world.

Network Connectivity
all learners must have access to network connectivity with the speed, capacity, and reliability to support multiple devices accessing digital content, data, and assessments that are meaningful, engaging, and challenging.

For questions about AzTEA's Public Policy and Advocacy efforts, please contact the Committee Chair, Chris Johnson.