Educational Technology Specialist Award (Champion)

The recipient is a site or district trainer, coach, or peer mentor who has facilitated effective technology use that has impacted education and training. The recipient:

  • demonstrates innovative thinking and deep understanding of the goals of 21st Century learning.
  • recognizes and practices true integration to meet standards and student needs,
  • is proactive in staying current in emerging educational technologies and application,
  • serves as a liaison between district technology departments and classroom teachers, and
  • coaches and mentors teachers of all skills levels to improve their use of technology for instruction and productivity

Previous Recipients

2000 - Trevor Ettenborough - Deer Valley Unified School District 
2001 - Valerie Naish - Peoria Unified School District  
2002 - Lee Gerwitz - Paradise Valley Unified School District  
2003 - Edward Kowalczyk - Tucson Unified School District  
2004 - Michael McVey - University of Arizona  
2005 - Daryl Rigsby - Pendergast School District  
2006 - Valerie Quarto - Cochise/ Santa Cruz County  
2007 - Amy Chayefsky - Maricopa Unified School District 
2008 - Cherie Stafford - Paradise Valley Unified School District 
2011 - Linda Koehler  -  Tucson USD 
2012- Noah Mickey-Colman - Sunnyside School District
2014 - Nick Trakas, Florence Unified School District
2015 - Heather Breedlove, Flagstaff Unified School District
2016 - Vanessa Zuritta, Cartwright School District