ISTE Educator Certification

ISTE Certification is Now Fully Online!

Due to the extraordinary circumstances that we now face, with closures and social distancing, ISTE and AzTEA/Edvolve will provide ISTE Certification fully online starting December 12, 2020 for the 2020 Winter Cohort. This session is blended synchronous and asynchronous online learning followed by six months to create and submit a portfolio based on the ISTE Standards for Educators.

Online Cohort Structure

Phase 1: Initial Learning
In place of the required F2F learning, learning will take place online over several weeks. During that time, learners will attend  three virtual sessions via Zoom with asynchronous activities to complete in between Zoom sessions. This alternative format allows educators to continue professional learning and acquire skills to support their new roles in virtual instruction.

Phase 2: Continuing Learning
Learners are required to complete 3 facilitated online modules over the course of 5 weeks. The first two modules are two weeks long and the final module is one week. Learners will work independently, collaborate with peers, and receive feedback from the facilitator.

​Phase 3: Portfolio Submission
​Learners have 6 months to prepare and submit an eportfolio to ISTE for review – the learner will be provided access to a certification portal where participants can get feedback from their cohort while preparing their portfolio of artifacts and reflections. Once submitted, ISTE Certification Evaluators will review the artifacts. Those who successfully meet the certification will become ISTE Certified Educators.

​Please view ISTE’s FAQ document for more information about the program.

About the program
ISTE Certification is a new competency-based, vendor-agnostic educator certification based on the ISTE Standards for Educators. This digital credential recognizes educators who understand how to use edtech for learning in meaningful and transformative ways.

Focused on pedagogy. Based on the ISTE Standards.
The ISTE Certification is focused on pedagogy, not tools. It’s not about edtech per se, it’s about what you do with the tech to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

Our fully online ISTE Certification session begins December 12th, 2020

If you are a Wyoming educator, please contact Lori Thilmany to learn about ISTE Certification opportunities.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Register for Online Certification – Starts December 12th!


“By becoming an ISTE Certified Educator, you’re telling the world you’re an educator who uses research-based practices, curates and integrates effective technology tools, and that you’re connected to a network of resources that allow for professional growth year after year.”

Jonathan Lee, MMD statewide technology support, METC instructional specialist

“Truly one of the most amazing, inspiring and proud moments in my professional career. This is why I’m an educator.”

Amber Hefner, Educator, Instructor and Executive Director at Illinois Computing Educators

“When I first considered becoming an ISTE Standards Trainer, I could not have imagined how it would ignite me. I have so loved working with our rock star team to put together a crazy, fun, inspiring two day training for educators. The educators I am working with through the ISTE Certification training have reinvigorated me. I LOVE my job.”

English Teacher, ROWVA High School